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Full Version: Fiesta Loss Of Power And Dies :(
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Hi all I have a 1.25 fiesta with 60,000 miles and it's recently died it was loosing power in 3rd gear so I put it into second and was ok for a little bit about 30 seconds then the engine slowly died :/ any sujestions why ?? And is it a hard fix cambelt ? Turns over but no starting ...
If it died slowley it is unlikely to be a cambelt. When trying to start it, does it spin round at the normal speed or is turning over much faster than usual?

It could be the fuel filter, crankshaft sensor or the coil pack. Did it just loose power or did start running lumpy, like it was on 3 cylinders and then 2 cylinders before dying completely.
It turns over the same just doesn't want to start :( which is very odd , maybe it is a fuel issue or ignition problem .I will check out the things you said thanks :)x
Hi Carly,

I think BTMaldon meant, as it died (going through the gears) did it feel like it was losing a cylinder at a time? did it feel like it was running rough / lumpy and just slowly going that way, or was it an ever smooth loss of power, almost like you have stalled on the motorway, and are rolling to a stop?

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