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Full Version: Puma Handbrake Problems
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Hi all,
I'm realy hopeing you can all shead some light on my very anoying problem asap,
just bought a puma and I live on an extreemly steep hill, but the handbrake wont hold on any hill!!

so changed the rear shoes as they looked very shinny and that did not help so I have changed the rear handbrake cable on both sides which has helped a little but it still wont hold on steep hills + one of the wheels is getting very hot ! after just 3 miles the alloy is well hot with a slight brake smell.

so my questions are

1) which side does the longer brake cable go? ( fitted the shorter one to the left n/s as it seemed to measure up better i think!)

2) I cant hear any bearing droning, so assume the heat is coming from the handbrake sticking on?. but when i put the drum back on, pumped the brake pedal and handbrake lever the drum spun (not as freely as the other side though)

3)any other ideas to why the handbrake wont hold?( oh i blead the side on the handbrake that seemed worse )

p.s im sure the shoes are bedded in now as a pulled up the handbrake while traveling as shown by a mechanic. and the old drums dont have any major grooves in

any advice/help would be great

Ive not dealt with drum brakes for a long time. Presumably they have sel adjusters. Could that be stuck on the one wheel?
Thanks... Ill have a look at them greece them up to make sure there not sticking, i hope there not shot through at 50 to replace them !!
Drums are such a pain!!
[quote name='eric76' timestamp='1324661118' post='157821']
Thanks... Ill have a look at them greece them up to make sure there not sticking, i hope there not shot through at £50 to replace them !!
[b]Drums are such a pain!![/b]

when i had my focus..thats one of the reasons i got rid of them for discs. had a similar problem with one side getting hot, didn't seem to matter how much cleaning, greasing and adjusting i done it never went away.

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