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Full Version: Doors Not Sealing Against Rubbers (Can Hear The Outside)
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Hi Folks

A Strange post i know :-)

When i shut the door after i have gotten into my car i can hear the road etc and the associated noises like cars going past and puddles.

How Can i adjust the doors to improve on this.

it sounds like a simple job of adjusting the striker plate (see attached) if you slacken the bolts and there should be some movement in the plate inwards,this will let the door shut tighter.
Hi Mintalkin

Will there be much adjustment.

Sorry if this sounds like sucking eggs, but are the rear windows closed fully? I always get the noise when my daughter closes them but not right up tight.

If its not that then I would get the dealer to look at it undert warranty. The sound proofing is pretty good on the Titanium, and you shouldnt be getting anything like that.
Agreed, if you can get the dealer to do it FOC then get it done under warranty. The changes mintalkin is referring to is alright if you dont have a warranty, but the last thing you want is them to conclude that your moving of the striker plate caused another problem and null and void what would otherwise be a normal and expensive claim on the warranty...
Have you had the vehicle from new?? If not has it been in a side impact?? or had an attempted break in?

Mine never closed properly against the seals once i had been driven into.. And a mate of mine has noise as the car was tried to be broken into.. Both times my mechaninc mate wound teh window down, and bent the door frame back slightly... fixed both issues.

However if you have had yours since new, Has it always done it? if so, get it back to the dealer to sort..

The Drivers door was out of alignment when i was looking around the car.

Its a ford direct car.
Have had it since october and its one year old in this coming february

I will get it looked at when iam out of hospital (two weeks time)

Ah, so the door needs adjusting... I gave it a go once on my fiesta... i cocked it right up! lol

as its under warranty they should do it, it wont take them long just to adjust the top hinge... If your confident then do it yourself by all means lol

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