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Full Version: Help! Handbrake Problems 2002 1.8 Tdci
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Hi first post, looking for some help with my focus handbrake.

Its a 2002 1.8 tdci estate and has never really had an excellent handbrake, i have become very reliant on the clutch ;-) however now it has got to the stage that it doesnt hold at all, thus somewhat dangerous.

I have looked at different options on the web and am now at a 'don't know what to next' stage.

First of all I adjusted the cable but that didnt work - hand brake was either on or off, nothing inbetween.

At this point the pads and disks were old so i changed both. Then i retried tightening and adjusting the cable to 5-8 clicks before it bites. same thing, either on or off. (I used the method of jacking the rear wheels up and spinning them manually to try to guage the bite point...)

The lever doesn't have any friction until the point where it stops. Even though the lever wont go any further there is little to no contact between the pads and the disks.

I figure its either the cable or a sticky brake piston(s), however before going out and buying loads of new parts i wondered whether anyone could help me, or whether this is a common problem?

Many thanks in advance.

Did you take up the free play frist with the footbrake, before you ajusted the handbrake, this is needed so the pads move to the disk, as the they are screw type pistons, this should help you..
No idea mate but hope you get it sorted quick! :)
Could be as simple as a stretched cable to be honest, however the only real thing to do is jack up the rear, take the drum face off and get some one to slowly apply the handbrake - watch and see what happens - if one side goes not the other, it is more likely to be the piston, if neither go till the last second, more likely to be the cable...

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