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Full Version: What Oil?
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Hi all,

Had my Focus for almost two months now and in that time it hasn't lost a drop of oil despite having 63k on the clock.
The car is a 2006 Mk2 Focus, with the 1.8 TDCi engine

I always carry some useful things in my boot - de-icer, washer fluid, spare bulbs & fuses, a few basic tools plus a torque wrench for the wheels - in case I need them when I'm away from home, and obviously I'd like to a litre of oil in case I need a top up.
But what oil should it be?

I don't just mean viscosity (e.g. 5W-30) but should it be semi-synthetic of full-synthetic? Is there any Ford-specific references I should look out for (i.e. "compatible with WSS-M2C913-B" or whatever)
I'm also aware that the 1.6TDCi needs a specific low SAP oil or it affects the life of the turbo, but does this also apply to the 1.8TDCI (which I know is pretty much unrelated to the 1.6)

I've been to Halfords and looked at their flipchart-thingy on the edge of the shelf, but I don't know if I can trust the information on there or not, and when I searched on their website one of the oils it suggested was for petrol engines...
I've been on the [url=""]Ford Website[/url] and they only provide information for 2010-onwards vehicles

Can anybody tell me what oil I should buy (ideally not [i]too[/i] expensive), or should I just go to a Ford Dealer and buy their stuff?


It is recomended that you use fully synthetic magnatec 5-30 (Ford Bulletin Ws whatever A (A is the latest)

Mobil also do a fully synthetic also (Mobil Super 3000 X1 Formula FE 5W-30 Oil 5L)

Castrol (Castrol Magnatec 5W30 Oil 4 Litre Cat code: 918672-0)

Halfords Own is a good oil from experiance on other cars ([u][color="#0066cc"]Halfords 5W/30 Part Synthetic Oil 5L[/color][/u] Cat. code: 172304-0)

Iam not affiliated with halfords they are good as a guide or even better if you have a trade card like me


Thanks Jamie, that's great information.

I'm happy to use Halfords own oil, I know it's decent quality stuff but I just wanted to check that it was the correct specification etc.

Will pick up a litre when I get a chance.
Hi Pitmonster

The only thing to watch is that the halfords 5-30 ford oil is semi synthetic. They do a Fully Synthetic version i think its in a different bottle.

If you are planning on keeping the car for as long as it runs use mobil at least

Why not pop down to your local dealer and ask for a litre - mine were not too expensive and they'll give you the correct oil that you need for your car. Same with the coolant- I don't trust adding different brands of coolant to the Ford stuff in my car.
Just a note that Castrol semi-synthetic and full-synthetic oil is currently on offer at Tesco until sometime later this month.

For example a 2-litre bottle of 5w/30 Magnatec fully-synthetic is 11.34, reduced from 17.00

I believe that Castrol is Ford's recommended supplier, so it's the correct specification (and lists the relevant Ford specs on the bottle)
Nice find Pitmonster
i managed to pick up 6 litres of 5w-30 from unipart for around their own make but on the bottle it states it complies with ford recommendations
[quote name='johnH' timestamp='1325458444' post='158964']
i managed to pick up 6 litres of 5w-30 from unipart for around £ their own make but on the bottle it states it complies with ford recommendations

that a fully synthetic oil John?

i used to buy 25litre plastic drums of Q8 5w/30 fully synthetic for £65 or there about, never had any trouble with it, used it in quite a few cars. Was a great deal as i used to service my own car at every 6k miles, my dads, brothers and the father in law's car so it worked out cheap

not sure its so cheap now though, last time i checked it was just over £70

EDIT: ok its now £86! last drum i bought was only about 10 months ago...
yeah i believe so, iirc, ill check tomorrow when i remember where it is

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