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Full Version: 07 Bumper Removal
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I have been trying to get my front bumper off, without success! I have managed to get everything off, but it is still fixed at the ends, under the wings, in the back-of-the-headlight area!

I have been on for ages trying to get the thing off, but I have given up for today/this year!

There doesnt appear to be anything obvious holding it on, but there definately is - and I cant see it!

Any ideas before I break something?

(You would think that a vehicle of this size would have loads of room to work in, but no, its just as bad as my Nissan in this instance!)
turns out I was just being too gentle - a first for me! There are indeed fixings in the lower inner-wing area, but they are push-fit clips that just need pressing a little!

10 seconds of pressing, and the bumber popped off!

So - a combination of a couple of M4 bolts in the wheel arch areas, two M6 bolts underneath, two M6 bolts at the top, and a host of plastic clips, a little wriggle at each end pops them off!

No need to remove wheel arch liners or headlight units! :(
oh - and dont take it off, or put it back on, in the cold! The plastic clips shatter! I have 8 broken bits of plastic now!

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