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Full Version: Wheel Offsets And Help Identifying Alloys
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I currently have these 18" alloys on my Mk 3 Titanium X Mondeo which have seen much better days as the laquer has peeled and they are quite kerbed:


I have found these online:


They are also 18" alloys and the seller has removed them from a Mk4 Mondeo, however, I have never seen this style of wheel on a Mondeo as the spokes are much thicker than the current Mondeo 18's. Has anyone any idea of what vehicle these wheels were originally for and if they will fit my Mk3 as i have no idea of the offsets.

Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance
I have seen those on Mondy's and a couple of Foci's (Titanium's?)in the past I could have sworn?
I was thinking that they look similar to the S-Max alloys. The only ones i've seen on Mondeo's have a much thinner spoke.
That certainly throws doubt on my suggestion then... I could be vaguely helpful and say I recall seeing them on a Ford at some point! not that a comment such as this will be of any help!

Can you not make an arrangement with the seller that you believe they should fit, but on the chance that they dont, you would be happy to pay the return postage should the part not fit your car? sure you would be out of pocket by a small amount, but better than a large chunk? for those two wheels, I expect you are looking at about 150 - 180?

That way you can test it, and at least get your money back if the offset is incorrect?
They do look like the 18 inch wheels Ford do as an optional extra for the Mondeo. They are not the Sport Pack ones as these are 19 inch, but in the same style. If you look at the Ford website and download a brochure for the Mondeo, you will see those on there.
Cheers for the idea, i really should have thought of that ......

By the looks of it they are either the optional 18's for the Mk 4 Mondeo or more likely the Focus ST 18's. Are there any problems with putting these on the Mk3? I had a good search on the forums and it has been done, i'm just confirming that there are no problems.

Cheers Again
I'd say they were Focus ST alloys looking at them... The focus Titanium ones were similar shape but had a flatter face.

ST Alloys - 8x18

Focus Sport Pack Alloys - 7.5 x 18
kevin lancelott
I think the ST ones look nicer as well.
almost every make and evey model of car is covered here off set and pdc hope this helps
Thanks to everyone who replied. Turns out they are ST optional alloys and they do fit. Bought the set of four with decent tyres for 300 and picking up tomorrow.

Pics to follow.

Cheers Again

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