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Full Version: Focus Mk2 Estate Front End Grip + Dpf
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Hi guys,

I'm new to this Forum, so Hi!

I was wondering if anyone could shed some light....

I owned a Mk1 2000 X reg Ford Focus 1.8 Tddi LX Estate for a couple of years (great car!) and upgraded about 4 months ago to a Mk2 55 plate Focus 1.6 Tdci 110 Sport Estate (16" Alloys).

I have found that when using the throttle whilst taking bends, it quite easily understeers, even more noticeable if the roads are wet, to the point where throttle in 3rd gear results in wheelspin and understeer as a result.

I obviously realise that my newer Focus is 1. Heavier at the front end (?) 2. Has bigger tyres 3. More torque/power than my previous Focus Mk1 so it probably will understeer more, but the result is that it is no where near as planted as the Mk1 and my confidence driving it (eg. taking bends on 60 mph country roads) has dropped. I don't recall what tyres it has on it but these may be cheap but the front end has plenty of tread....

Could anybody shed any light on this or whether they find the same on similar models? Also, could anyone recommend any brands of tyre to help this?

On a different note, my current mileage is 73000 and I wondered if mine has DPF, how to find out, and when this will need cleaning / changing?

Many thanks,


(55) Ford Focus 1.6 Tdci 110 Sport Estate
I had the 1.6 TDCi 55 plate Zetec Climate, I never really found the understeer, until the tread was low...

The tyres are 205/55/R16 V - normally Michelin's or Pirelli's are going to give you best traction - what is the brand of tyre on the front?

I suspect its only Tyre Quality taking the performance out of your car
Would it be worth taking it for a 4 wheel alignment? that way you will know the exact setup of the suspension and if anything is out causing your understeer.. Usually costs about 40-50 quid though including adjustments

Start there, it could also be worn bushes, damaged suspension,
As above, my previous Mk 2.5 Estate had great grip on the front as does my current 5 door hatch. You have definately got a tyre or suspension issue.
Pirelli tyres for me.
No problems on wet roads, always spot on.
Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the replies!

I reckon it's a tyre job. Hopefully isn't suspension as it's only done 74k miles. Got almost full trend on the front-end but must be a cheap brand. I'll put some decent tyres on when I have the spare cash! Anyone recommend the best tyre for the job without burning a hole in my pocket?! Michelin Pilot SPort sp3 have the best Focus Mk2 review on

Thanks again,

Pirelli P6000 or P8000 cant remember which, are very well reviewed overall.
I personally never got on with the P6000's... Mainly in the wet... I found them to understeer and be so unpredictable. I did get the car with these on over half worn however.
I cant say that my car has had too many difficulties with it, I find they perform quite well within the wet! I have the pirelli's on the front, and michellin live forever types on the back, and I dont have too many problems, I find I aquaplane less on the Pirelli's than I did on the Mich's when I bought her...

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