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Full Version: escort 1.6 zetec surging
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[size="3"][/size] Hi guys. I'm looking for some help with my 1.6 escort 98 zetec.

When i start it up, the revs rise to about 2000 and drop, but it's much worse when i drive it. The revs increase dramatically and often stay high, pulling the car along. The only way to bring it back down is to kick down on the peddle hard. I can't find any air leaks or damaged vacuum hoses and the throttle cable's not sticking. The water pump and cam belt were changed recently.
I have pulled out and cleaned every plug i can see and blocked off the vacuum hoses. The only thing not done is the fan sender switch. It's not working so i put a temporary bridge on it to keep the fan on till i can get the part tomorrow(Monday). The only thing so far that's changed anything was when i pulled a 3 wire plug off a little black unit on the r/h side of the throttle body. The revs went through the roof.
I found a thread on this site that explaining a problem like this one, but it's a bit too technical for me.
Can anyone put in basic terms and save me from the dealership prices.

I'll keep adding as i go and hope it sparks an idea with some one lol.

[u][b]I've been told to clean the idler valve. Can anyone confirm that this could help?[/b][/u]

[b]I removed the idler valve and put a live feed to it and it has a slow soft click and the piston only moves a tiny bit and very slowly even after a can of carb cleaner through it. So, it looks like i need another one (106 from fords) Here's hoping it cures the surging.

[b]Got the new idle valve and fitted it. The tickover's a lot better and the surging has gone so it's now drivable but the revs are still slow to drop. They come down a few seconds after i take my foot off the peddle and they drop fast but i'm still waiting for the fan switch so it's running cold all the time.


[b]The problem with the revs was caused by a little air valve front r/h side of the engine was blocked. I cleaned it out with break cleaner, and it's now running perfectly.
Hope this can help some one else with the same problem[/b].

[u][b]I'm not getting any response, am i doing something wrong? If i am, sorry, i'm new to this.


Ps. It's a lot worse when i put it in gear and drive off. When I'm not moving it behaves a lot better. Can the clutch cause this type of problem? (sorry if that sounds stupid)[u][/u]
hugh,i have exactly the same problem iam hopin sumone tells us a simple explination as ive just payed 1400 for the my escort and yet again i have problems with the car i buy LOL please sumone help , its not nice pullin up at sum lights on a sunny day and evryones looking at you because ure cars sounds like its ready to do an f1 start... HELP
Good Service!
Idle contro; valve def.

Give it a good clean out with carb cleaner and it should be fine.
[quote name='vinnyvangough' post='13980' date='Mar 3 2009, 01:42 PM']Idle contro; valve def.

Give it a good clean out with carb cleaner and it should be fine.[/quote]
hi vinny new to this site just got escort flite est t reg 99 can you let me know were the idle control is please ps i live at chapmans well 7 miles ish from you ,
Hi found this on the net.

idle speed control valve.

situated on the inlet valve on the zetec, .i.e where the air goes into the cylinder head.

its a cylinder shape and has a silver and blue ford sticker on it. it has a multiplug with two wires attached and a hose going into it.

take it off and dip it in petrol for 10 minutes. (not the multiplug bit) shake and leave to dry.


what happens is the valve gets stuck open or closed. when idleing the valve has the job of keeping the revs at around 1000rpm, if it fcuks up then your engine cuts out or revs excessivly while stationary/in nuetral.

common ford fault. if it continues get one from the scrap yard or give ford 40.

Can anyone help me in identifying what he means by

"The problem with the revs was caused[b] by a little air valve front r/h side of the engine [/b]was blocked. I cleaned it out with break cleaner, and it's now running perfectly."

My Mk6 Escort auto (Zetec-e) suffers from throttle surging very occasionally when I take my foot of the accelerator. It continues to accelerate sometimes for a few seconds, over times a bit longer. It doesn't do it all the time and its seems to tick over happily. Its only covered 26,000 miles and wasn't used much be its last owner. I've been told to look at the vacuum pipes but as its not doing it all the time I'm guessing it something sticking.

Any help appreciated.


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