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Full Version: Advice Regarding Replacing An Srs Module
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i thought i would try and see if anyone had knowledge of, or had replaced an SRS module, specifically for a 2001 shape focus.

The airbag light is permanently on displays a fault code of B1342 - SRS Module is Faulted.

I intend on replacing the module with a second hand one (clear of faults) from a well known auction site costing around 30 - 50 instead of 150 for a dealer,

Has anyone done this previously, will i be able to just replace this module located in the center console or will it need to be programmed/coded or anything like that?

Your help would be most appreciated!

Kind Regards - Rich
Hi, Before you buy a module, check the clock spring behind the steering wheel first, this is a common part to go on mk1 focus, the clock spring works the horn and the steering wheel airbag if the spring is damaged the airbag light will be on all the time, to test it take it out and use a multimeter to test it... this is what it looks like
I have never heard of the clock spring being the reason for the fault - would this still generate the same fault code suggesting that the srs module would need replacing?

Failing this I might try the srs module any way, did you have any information regarding of this was as straight forward an just swapping them over?
Regards rich
Yes, it would, I took my sons focus to ford they told me that i needed a new airbag module costing £500, so my son said no, and left it with the light on, it was ok with mots as it was not in the test, some time later is horn stopped working, so at this time we had airbag light on and no horn, needed to fix the horn as it is law to have one working, this is how i found out about the clock spring it dose the both things, I fitted a replacement clock spring and it got both working...that is why i said check the clock spring, as the thin wires in the spring snap in time.. hope this help you..
it is under the centre console, take your time or you could set the airbags off


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