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Full Version: 2.0Tdci Help Please?
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Hi, I'm hoping that someone may be able to offer some advice..

I have just bought a 2006 2.0 tdci titanium that has covered 54k with full Ford history. We have only had it a couple of days and noticed that when starting from cold it seems to idle a little rough (like a slight pulse and not constant/smooth), although no problems starting at all. It appears that when The engine is warm it idles fine, is this just normal?

The second issue is that when driving at low speed/rpm the car seems a little hesitant or sometimes juddery when accelerating from low rpm in say second/third gear. Appart from this it drives beautifully and pulls hard in every gear. Does anyone have any ideas?

I did get a 3 month warranty when I bought it so hoping if there are any major issues I can get them sorted!!

Any advice would be great, thanks in advance!!
im sure ive read on here or research through the web that it might be something to do with the clutch???
your version may also have fitted a dpf,try giving it an italian tune up ;)
Yes, pretty standard DMF (dual mass flywheel) clutch problem. You can spend a lot of money getting it sorted, or you can do what most TDCi onwers do.... live with it.
Thanks guys.

I have it booked into my local Ford garage tomorrow morning so will let you know how I get on! Hopefully it will be an easy fix and nothing too serious. Will let you know how I get on...
it could be the egr valve that is stuck open or gummed up,these can be removed and cleaned,it a messy job but worth it.

The Ford dealer wanted 85/hour in labour just to plug the car in diagnostics which I thought was a bit excessive to say the least!!!

So went to a friendly local garage who plugged it up to the same bit of kit (whilst I stood there and watched) and it came up with 3 EGR valve error codes. The garage have said that they can clean the valve out (as no need to replace the unit as a good clean should do the trick) but its at the back of the engine so likely to take a bit longer to do. They have quoted me 100 to do the job which I think sounds reasonable?! They did not even charge me for the half hours work they did today!!

Let's hope this does the trick as I really like the car and we are very happy with it. Not impressed with Ford dealership so far and looks like they would have charged me almost the same in labour to find the problem, not even fix it!!

Sounds like this EGR valve is a common problem but one that's easily sorted. Will keep you updated as booked in to fix in 2 days time...
can you plz explain to me why if youve got a 3 mth warrenty you have gone to the trouble and seem willing to pay for something that you should get sorted free of charge, :rolleyes:
[quote name='gregers' timestamp='1326225151' post='160579']
can you plz explain to me why if youve got a 3 mth warrenty you have gone to the trouble and seem willing to pay for something that you should get sorted free of charge, :rolleyes:

Indeed - why is this not on your warranty???
If its a gummed up EGR valve, it may probably be argued as Wear and Tear... Just like a failed clutch... Thats a hard one to argue under warranty!
Should have probably said but I bought the car from a garage about 100 miles from where I live so have to pay the bill myself (not really practicle to drive all that way). The garage have confirmed that they will reimburse me for the total cost....

Booked in tomorrow so will let you know how I get on...
well thats ok then,iirc under the sale of goods act 2003 you have up to 6 mths,to reject the car.

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