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HI i drove through about 4 meters of about 2 and a half foot deep flood water at about 50mph (night time didnt see it dark road) none came in the car but it filled the engine bay the car drove for about 10mins fine after that then the engine just died as if you turned the key of lights stayed on and it wouldn't start again after this called for recovery got it home tried the coil pack and distribution leads on another 1.8 ford focus zetec 1999 (exact car) they worked fine ive heard alot of reports it could be camshaft sensor im thinking more damaged ecu though as theres no sparks when i get the spark plugs out and earth them and test them ive cleaned them aswell still no spark ? any ideas or advice would be massively appreciated .... thanks in advance tim
The car could be [url=""]hydrolocked[/url] as a result of driving through water that deep! If that is what's happened here it will mean a new engine.
Thank you For replying im going to read up about hydro locked engines now would the spark plugs still be sparking if this was the case ? meny thanks, tim
The spark plugs will be water damaged, so may not spark, to be fair, if there is water in the cylinders, the spark plugs are the least of your worries... At the end of the day, water in the cylinder is as H3lly said, a new engine. your pistons and camshaft will be unable to compress, and if anything a rebuild may make it worse because your pressuring weakened parts through water retention...

Good luck, but dont expect that engine to work again is unfortunately the long and short of it. 4 metres of deep water is one hell of a contest for any 4x4 let alone the Focus...
How the hell did you drive through 2 & 1/2 foot deep water at 50mph???? You hit 6 inches and it slows you right down - you must of been nearly thrown through the windscreen!!!!

If it was that deep( :lol: ) then I expect its dead.

Good luck sorting it out if possible, or finding a replacement engine unless you replace the car
Have a look in the air filter if theres water in there then as already said it's a dead one.

How quickly did the engine stop BTW , did it die or did it come to a quick halt

With all the spark plugs out does the engine rotate on the starter , or jack one wheel up and put it in gear and see if you can turn the wheel and do an engine rotation, if it does , then it cold be electrical damage
Maybe a daft question, but would your car insurance cover you for this ? I once claimed for accidental damage after relative knocked my Ambi Pur air freshener off the vents and clipped it back in upside down. Came to car next day to find radio/heater controls and dash facia all melted :'(
I dont think accidental damage will cover an engine rebuild / replacement engine - I suspect the car would be written off.

My cousin had this on his taxi, and the car was just scrapped...
Barry i no i was driving country lanes late at night didn't expect it never drove on that particular road before i question weather it was even a burst water mains the road suddenly dipped and then i hit the water and it felt like two parachutes had deployed from my boot ripped of 2 exhaust heat shields and smashed the radiator a little bit at the bottom if im honest i was surprised the front end wasn't caved in sparks are fine distrubution leads fine fuses fine coil pack fine ignition module fine fuel pump whirrring so i asum fine battery fine but no spark ive tested all thous parts on a working focus all worked im thinking maybe the immobiliser is wrecked or ecu water damaged ive dryed throttle body out and renewed airbox thanks for all the replys guys....
Pree the engine ran fine for 5-10mins after then died as if you just turned the key off hasn't started since the k&n sucked in water i think i imagine it did i dryed the throttle body with a hairdryer it seemed wet at the bottom (could have been the quick start the mechanic sprayed to try to get it started )tho the impact to water was pretty horrific under body damage and radiator damage i have repaired the under body heat shields still no spark :( thanks for replying
kevin lancelott
Hope you get it sorted.A car is your life and you stuck without one. :(
Tomo the insurance would cover me but with uk insurance premiums it would be wiser to write of the car and buy myself a new one...
thanks kevin im lost without it going try and find the engine earth see if the impact broke connection this would explain the spark plugs not sparking when taken out and earthed ...
hi not sure but is the ecu under the wheel arch cover like it is on the tdci if so poss this is naff on the tdci it,s clipped to the lower air intake which in your case would had taken a right soakin worth a look . ps got a 1.8 engine with a blown head gasket if you need some spares.

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