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Full Version: 2000 Fiesta Zetec - Cutting Out Changing Down Gear?
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Hi All, Happy New Year!

My girlfriends car is a year 2000 fiesta zetec 1.2

She's been complaining that on a cold start sometimes changing down gear or going into neutral will cause the engine to cut out and kind of stall but it doesn't shutter like its stalling.

Ive took the car out for the spin and confirmed it has this issue, it doesn't seem like a stall but putting the clutch in and the revs drop as normal, however sometimes it causes the engine to cut out altogether and only the battery light is light up on the dash, its pretty dangerous as steering locks and you need to quickly turn the key to start the engine again!

Ive spoken to one guy about this and he thinks its to do with an air component, ive took a picture of said part that he believes needs replacing and circled it in red...


Does anyone agree with him and it could sound like that? could you tell me what the part is please and how easy it is to replace?

That is the Idle Control Valve, also known as the Air Bi-Pass Valve. It could well be this that is causing the stalling, however I would have thought that it would do it when warm also. It may be it is just idleing low when warm but fast enough not to stall.
Im having the exact same problem with my Mk6 Fiesta. After reading many forums and guides, I think Im going to try a fuel injector cleaner to clean the system. Have you solved the problem?

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