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Full Version: 1.4 Milage
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Just wondering what you folk are getting out of your 2006 Lx 1.4 petrols full tank of fuel?

currently get about 470km before the light comes on. Haven't had a chance to run it until I get scared yet. My driving is semi city. A good few very short runs at 80kph the rest in city suburbs, never go into city centre.

A friend with a 2005 1.4 zetec said she gets 610km out of a tank (run very low). mainly slightly longer 100kph runs (15-20km each) to work with a bit of semi city like myself.

I doubt I could get another 150km out of a tank (the manual says the light comes on with 80km to go) even with changing my driving style which I would not consider bad at all, but may be slightly less fuel efficient than my friend.

what are your thoughts folks? Please don't convert miles to km, I'll do that. I do trust you but its for my own head, humor me :)
nobody? that's a shame..
Think im gettin approx 570kms to a full tank but mine is a 08 1.6. Thats prob no use to you tho lol
ah it sort of is. Just reinforces the fact that the 1.6 is the same if not better on juice. Insurance on the 1.6 would have killed me though
Yea i know what you mean. On average what your mpg range?
well based on the figures I gave (470km before the light) stick another say 50 on that giving you 520. that works out at a horrific 31mpg.

that's based on 520 km and taking 47L to brim her after that (took 50L when I got it and the needle didn't move off the bottom for a while beforehand, never been that low since)
Yea id be expecting better results than that. Now i know sweet feck all bout engines and that but id say theres somethin a bit amiss. I do mainly country roads to get to work 10-15 kms each day return and some town driving and i average 35-36mpg but it all depends on my right foot, it does get rather playfull from time to time
Ye I'd love to know what could cause the mpg to be down.

My right foot isn't heavy at all, maybe the very odd time for about 30 seconds on a wide windy road. Or if i get an emergency shout, but that's only happened once with this car.

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