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Full Version: Helppppp!!!!
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[size="3"]Hi all i have a sierra sapphire 2.0 glsi on a 1992 (K)

now my front windows wont go up or down at all and when my lights are one none of the instrument cluster lights up at all (idicator arrows ect and warning lights work ok) the heated controls and the clock lights up but the rest does not

any ideas????????

You probably need to change the bulbs in the back of the dash pod. Have you checked the fuse for the windows?

Were the windows working when you got it?
well i met the chap halfway and he said the windows were working and the dash did illuminate but they just stopped???

shall check fues tomorrow had quick look earlier but didnt see any blown???


Could be a loose/dirty/corroded connection.

The Wiring Ends at the door and connects up between the door and the bottom of the drivers footwell (cannot think of the technical word)

Does the Central locking work (i assume it has key operated central locking not button operated)

The Fuses may have white corrosion on them if they are the originals

thanks for the replies

i think its the window switch thats had it to be honest...... will get another when have the money and see what that does.
tbh get a multimeter and check that the power is going to the switch


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