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Full Version: 1.6Tdci Oil Change
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I have a 1.6tdci 08 focus with DPF , I read in the handbook somewhere about oil changes after a certain time ,think it was every 10'000 miles if you do a lot of short journeys.

Would you say its a good idea to have a oil change after every 10'000 miles , I don't exactly do short journeys but there not exactly long haul , I would say my journeys to work consist of 15 miles there and 15 miles back but that's with a few stops along the way as I don't do much motorway driving.

Even with long or short type driving do you think oil changes should be done on a regular basis?

I think the service intervals are 12500 miles and oil would be changed then. Having said that I think that its best to change the oil more frequently anyway - every 6 mths 6/8000 miles I think people recommend.

Just had the oil and filter change done on mine, first one since owning a diesel and noticed that the oil is pretty much turning slightly blackish straight away - unlike staying fairly tranlusant like my old petrol motor! (not sure if this is norm 2bh LOL) although can see its alot less black and still see the usual new oil transulancy stuff (if that makes sense)

Basically it ain't going to hurt - can only help, i personally - based on my approx 12>14k miles year - do an oil change every 6 mths.

Kwik fit do a complete oil and filter change using proper Zetec oil (refusing to allow me to pay more for the mobil one stuff :o ) for the price of 34.99. Less than the cost of 5 litres of oil - Bulk buy discounts wtf!!
Agree with Barry entirely, its only ever going to help your car giving it something new to ease its burden. I personally stick to the mileage and dont change the filters more often (purely due to lack of time and money at present! - Damn cost of car insurance for young people!) but given half the chance and a good amount of time (and a suitable location) I would do mine every 6 months...

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