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Full Version: Tyre Pressure Monitor Titanium Help
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Chaps I had a puncture repair carried out Sunday and only used car local until today when I used it on a longer journey - the tyre pressure warning bleeped and came on ? Could this be it had detected a differant pressure since repair and I need to reset to new pressure since repair ? Tyres don't look low ? Thanks
The system detects a difference in the set pressure you have stored on it and goes off when the pressure is below a certain % of the stored pressure. But you already know this

I'm guessing the system doesn't actually tell you which tyre. I'd double check them all if not.

Its possible the repaired tyre isn't the at the right pressure and since its a repair not replacement is losing air at a greater rate
My thought is I should have reset the air pressure on the system once repair done ? I have not used car much until tonight .
[sub][size="3"]Yes i would do a reset , and then see if it flags up , like already said the pressures will be stored and its seeing something different. , i do mine about once a week[/size][/sub]
tyler s
every time u touch tyre pressure u need to reset it. only do it when tyres are cold otherwise it will flag up when tyres call down
How does it know what pressures are in the tyres ??

[color=#0000ff][font=comic sans ms,cursive]Hi Jamie,[/font][/color]

[color=#0000ff][font=comic sans ms,cursive]The antilock brake detectors monitor the wheels revolving, if a tyre starts to deflate that wheel rotates faster than the rest, this change is detected and a warning is sent to the information display on the dashboard. I hope that makes sense.[/font][/color]
on the mondeo they have pressure sensitive valves that communicate with the car, i presume the focus would be the same.
[color=#0000ff][font=comic sans ms,cursive]Not on the Focus, it’s done through the anti-lock sensors.[/font][/color]
Hi, its a better system than the Mondeo as it elimates the troublesome tyre valves....

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