My mondeo (1999 zetec 2 litre)has suddely gone a bit weird. Firstly it just kept cutting out at bout 4000RPM, then it just died completly.
Ive put in new plugs (NGK) and cleared out the CAT.

Ive also unplugged the MAF sensor aswell

Ive reset the ecu by removing the fuses and the plugs spark when removed, but the weird thing is that if i remove any one plug, it stays ticking over!!

When It was ticking over on 3 cylinders with one plug out the ECU fuse blew!!
Ive also tryed another coil pack I ve tryed most things i can think of and its getting annoying now and im baffled !! any help would be appriciated as it would be a shame to have to scrap it