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Full Version: Door Handle Leds
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hi guys i decided to do the mod for the leds in the interior handles but decided to go for green rather than red and found no need to remove the door panel anyway with the prefacelift mk2 theres a few differences

the first being pass side wires blue and purple are live to led + and green and purple are the negative to led -

second having no alarm button i had to take the feed from the driver side electric window switch again blue and purple are + and black is negative

from other posts i dont have the issue of the leds going off when the window buttons are used and they only switch on with the ignition having checked the wiring they are correct so not sure why others are having that issue
Looking good mate! might be worth a how to if you can? a non invasive procedure!
[quote name='jeebowhite' timestamp='1326445578' post='161007']
Looking good mate! might be worth a how to if you can? a non invasive procedure!

Hi Jeebowhite Here is my guide i did

The reason the leds dim when the window button is pressed is because the the connections are switch wire's and not power wires , there are 2 lives at the switch one signal for up and one for down , pressing the switch diverts the signal to either up or down , i choose this route as the leds dim out slowly when ignition is off , only difference to the drivers door is that same circuit is no there due to the extra functions of being able to control either the passenger window or rear windows , so they are signal wires going to the GEM
aaaah, I thought artsy had done it a different means - so thought a new guide would have been good...

For the first time since getting rid of the Focus, I am feeling absolutely and fantastically releieved I did...

...Because there is no way I could keep up with the expense of modding my car at the rate these guides are coming online... So far I have seen at least 4 / 5 that I would have gone out and blindly bought the parts for, before thinking of the cost and effort it would require ;)
its just an update to the original post as the wires and colours are different between the mk2 and the facelift mk2 there are also a few more wires than the facelift for some reason not sure why so anyone doing the prefacelift wont be sitting at the car looking at wires that dont match the original post like i was lol the wires also have more play in them so it was easy to do without removing the door card at all .

as i said the only issue was the drivers side which required running the wires from the drivers window switches to the led rather than from the alarm module which i dont have all in all an easy job as the original guide gives a good starting point

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