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Full Version: Focus Remap Issue?
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Hi all,
Had a mobile agent from elite remaps round yesterday who tried to remap the car; he sent the map off to elite remaps who did tye file and sent it back. However when he tried to write the map back in the ecu refused it. He did this several times and it kept happening. when he rang his boss (elite remaps) they said the ecu has to be taken out and remaped that way.
Is this true? Can i still trust them? Anyone else had this problem?
If its the newer Focus then yes... Superchips can do it but will want your car for a day or so...

Noone (As far as i know) has managed to crack the ECU to be remapped thru the OBD port yet.

The ECU will have to be removed, the map chip taken out (And thrown away) and a new chip put in that will either have the new map on, or accept the remap via the OBD port.

Don't fret, I'm sure there are many tuners working out there who are trying to crack it. and i'm sure it wont be long!
Well hes coming back this weekend to (if i can quote correcly) place 6 or 8 pins? On the ecu which bypasses any security. Should be done in about an hour. Only problem i have then is ive heard the turbos on my model (2010 with dpf) are crap and blow easily? I was plannimg on getting a dpf removal later on and remap done again but if the turbo isnt up for it i dont know what to do?
There were problems with the earlier 1.6TDCi's... rumour has it they have improved things... But i dont know for sure...

I have a mate whos had his focus remapped for years, and had no issues... He's running 135bhp and 290nm. which i know is pretty conservative from what can be had from the 1.6 engine.

If your going to do it, then can i suggest slightly more regular oil changes... some people do every 6000 miles. As its the oil that caused the issues on the turbo front.
Nice one, thanks for your help. My heart hasnt sunk as much now. Ive got a family friend who owns a garage so regualr service wont cost as much :)
Any recommendations on what to do with the air filter? Heard a performance panel filter will give an extra 3-5nm of torque?
there are a few arguments out there... Some people say go K&N, some say it ruins the MAF, some say go ITG or Pipercross as they dont use oil, some say the paper filters are plenty good enough lol!!

I ran a K&N in my last focus, and thought it improved things a little...
Okay cheers :) thanks for help

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