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Full Version: Cambelt Change?
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guys, i have checked my service book and in there it does not ask if the cambelt has been changed. when does it need changing? my cars done 83k at present and is an 08 plate. anything else that needs doing at the same time?
Ford say at 100k but its recommended to do it earlier (about 80k) due to the tensioners.

You would be best off getting it sorted now mate.
young fez
hi mate mines getting done at end of the month £196 fully fitted including parts,mines a 1.6 tdci,06 plate.part is £80 and labor is £116 so i guess its about a 2 hour job.
is that at a Ford garage? what parts are they changing exactly? On VW/Seats/VAG cars it was advised to change the waterpump and cambelt at the same time, anything I should be aware of to change at the same time?
are you sure it's 100k? I was under the impression that the later diesels were 125k.
all fords 100k however thats the belts only not the tensioners the tensioners have been known to fail early therefore hire companies etc recommend 60k as normal ford will charge around 200 quid for the full kit timing belt fan belts tensioners labour and new bolts and its gauranteed it also maintains the 100k on the belt
I don't think so. The Ford service schedule for my 06 1.8tdci says 125k. You can check your own vehicle on the etis site: [url=""][/url]

Cambelts and tensioners can fail at any mileage................ PSA quote 100k for the 01-08 C5 but there was one I heard of failed at 37k. An exception I'd say, as you wouldn't suggest everyone got their belt changed at 35k because of that. Mine was changed at 100k with "no signs of distress".

I had a Galaxy with the VW PD engine - cambelt due at 40k. The hire company that owned it never did get the belt done and I bought the car with 60k on the clock, not impressed I have to say but it shows that they can last well over the recommended interval.
young fez
i have had a cam belt snap on my old ford diesel due to holding off doing it,belive me its not cheap to get repaired,so do it around 80k.for the sake of £200 better safe than sorry thats what i say.
its up to you its recommended 60k if you want to risk it for the sake of 200 quid thats cool but 16 valves at £11 a valve add labour etc ide rather pay the 200 than 600-700 if the tensioner goes.

first sign of a worn tensioner is a tick from the belt are under idle that doesnt go away its pot luck as to wether it lasts or not as said they have went at 40k some 140k personally i do 60k even the ford mechs say that they wouldnt leave it that long

125k for a change ide never leave it that long even on a diesel trust me if it went at 100k and it was the tensioner all ford will do is slap you with a bill the belt only is gauranteed for that mileage not the tensioners so its down to piece of mind knowing its done
I couldnt agree more with all the guys have said above, OK its bringing the bill forward by a few miles maybe a year even in some peoples circumstances, but if you dont know the cars history, and you dont thoroughly check these parts weekly or monthly so that you can see the deterioration, then you are taking a chance leaving it until 100k mark, 125 for a modern diesel is believable, and the belt may be able to manage it, but as the guys said, the tensioners and the pulleys are the weak link of the chain... if they go, then your looking to pay for the belt and tensioners, as well as artscot said - the valves and the labour at the very least, thats to say that it was a clean snap with very little damage, if it damages the crankshaft, then your well and truely stuffed...
Sometimes it';s not milage that causes cambelt failure but driving styles.
At work we have a 09 plate Vauxhall (spit) combo that we use for running training kit around, sometimes it can be driven by 20 different people during a week.
It has done just over 39k and shed a cambelt just before christmas.
Cue sound of crunching valves and mangled metal.
AA was called and the first thing the guy did was try [b][u]starting the vehicle!!![/u][/b] [size=5][b][u]Twice!!![/u][/b][/size] :blink:
Suffice to say the vehicle was gone for 3 weeks and had a new engine fitted as the other one was well and truly scragged.
Valves, pistons, rods, camshaft and cylinders were metal confetti.
Unfortunately sometimes things just happen without warning.
Just glad it wasn't my car.
but its a vauxhall wouldnt expect any less :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
On the subject of timing belt kits, mine is due a kit (It's on 59k) and the Haynes manual recommends to change at 60k. I've just purchased a Gates' timing belt kit from Eurocarparts. Usually kits consist of the belt, and at least two tensioners. This only has the belt, bolts and one tensioner. No idler. I have looked on eBay at other kits and they are the same? Is this correct?
Thats what ford use so yes its correct it depends who you listen to some say do the water pump as well but its up to the individual
is the water pump not driven from the auxiliary belt on these engines? therefor there is no need to change it when doing the timing belt.
On mine anyway its driven by the timing belt or so im lead to believe
I will ask my mechanic to look at the water pump and let him decide whether or not it needs replacing with the cambelt. Thanks guys.

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