Dear Club Members,

As a majority of you may have noticed that we have undergone a big change on the forums and website.

The change of website look and feel is part of a plan to enhance the clubs throughout and adding more exciting features to the club and keep you guys engaged with the community. The forum is just a start of the process and over the next coming months new things will start to appear on the website which will in turn enhance the new template. Tere will also be many asthetic tweaks coming too.

As the new template of the site is rather new, there are still few few things that need fixing. I have been over pages over and over to get things ironed out but it can take quite a while to get it all looking perfect. So please bear with me on this.

As members of the club it would be great for some constructive feedback from you guys, report any problems and suggest some ideas. If you could take time to send me an email with anything you think may help the site.

Please remember,  screenshots are very helpful if you have layout issues or be descriptive as possible.

Email me at

Thanks for your time and enjoy the new site.