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Full Version: 4 X 4 Function
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steve mac
Can anyone confirm what type of diff is fitted in the front axle of the Mk3 Ranger. The reason for asking is that when I engage 4x4 on loose surface only the front n/s wheel is spinning with no drive to the o/s front. My Ford dealer informs me this is normal as it is only fitted with an open diff on the front so acts as a normal differential.

Would welcome any advice.

Sounds right to me... If one wheel loses traction it will still spin even in 4 wheel drive... I think in theory it should also spin the opposite rear wheel.. But i could be wrong... been a while since i played with Land Rovers and Diffs etc...

IIRC the ranger doesnt have locking DIffs, so therefore wont spin the wheels at the same speed at the same time...
steve mac
Thanks for that. Ford are advising me that the Ranger front diff is neither an LSD or locker therefore when in 4x4 mode with a conventional open diff you will only ever get drive to one of the front wheels (as per a conventional rwd car with an open diff - only one wheel spins) This is how Ford are explaining it to me.
Hi steve, ford are right, this is normal. the front diff is open centred, lsd's do not work on front axles as they could lock when turning a corner, meaning you end up going straight on. Locking front diffs are great especially the arb air lockers, but are very expensive and only really needed for serious off road. essentially most 4x4s are only really 4x2's as you can easily have 1 wheel spinning on the front and 1 spinning on the back unless you have axle lockers....... hope this is some help.
steve mac

Thanks for the response. Things have improved considerably since Ford replaced the LSD in the rear, I can actually get drive to 3 wheels when off road now.

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