I have finally located a strange churp best discribed as a chidrens toy with low battery. Basically when I turn the headlight on the drivers side makes a lot of chirping/whurring noises.

I was changing a blown bulb and when I tested it I heard the noise as I was standing there with the bonnet up. After the lights are turned on if sometimes makes the noise for a few seconds then stops, but if you move the headlight adjuster dial next to the headlight switch the noise kicks off which I guess means the gizmo that moves the light is faulty or soemthing ? is this common or a known fault ?

Does this mean I need a new headlight or is the offending part replaceable ?

Although when I turn the lights on no idea why the motor/adjuster would activate as I have no touched the adjustment dial, odd.

I did have a look at the aim compared to the passenger light, the drivers light beam is a smidge lower, although not very accurate and I guess it will all need aligning after the fault is fixed.

Any help/info much appreciated ... fingers crossed for a cheap fix

Edit: I had my last thought of the day :) is it possible the dial to adjust the headlight aim is faulty or is it more likely the motor/adjuster considering thats where the noise is coming from.