I was driving for around 10 ,I mutes this morning and everything was normal, no signs of anything different or any problems. I then went back to the car a few hours later when I noticed it saying 'bonnet open' on the dash board. I've had a look at the bonnet etc and I can't see any problems why it would say this, now I've got a list of problems that have all occured since noticing this such as:

Front windows not working
Heaters not working, worked for about 10 mins but went off again
Reverse light gone off
Window heaters - front not working back one is
Says the bonnet is open when it's not
Clicking when window wipers are on (front is working, back one isn't)
No lights appear when locking the car but they do when opening the car

I don't understand what could of caused all of this so was wondering has anyone had any similar problems or know what the possible cause is?

Thanks Craig.