well my mondeo 2004 53 plate is fitted with the 5 speed manual i just cant get used to as im used to the 6 speed version.

i have bought a 6 speed manual gearbox, the gear shift selector bit in car and cables.

1.. will i need to change the clutch/flywheel
2.. are the drive shafts the same or different

also is there anything else that could cause me a problem like speedo sensor etc

im aware its an old car and it may not be worth it but its worth it to me as ill never sell it i have all ready spent 2k plus on it in 4 months by remapping it new brake pads/discs, tires, new windscreen, bottom arms on front, new anti roll bar links, wheel bearings etc the list goes on lol

so any help would be really appreciated as i need/want to get it fitted asap i just need answers please to my questions above thanks in advance for any help you can/may give