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Full Version: Newbie Question - Central Locking And Indicator Flashes
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Hello all

Ive got to first say hi and glad to be here!

Ive had a million issues with a Merc Vito van Ive recently had so had to buy a car quick and luckily found a Mondeo TDCi 130 2002 Ghia X locally at a very good price! (mileage at 102k as well, Im fairly chuffed with that).

Ive had a fiesta before (but back in 1994 when central locking was a luxury). My girlfriend has a Focus 2002 and Ive got to grips with her central locking... but I cant work mine out...

I THOUGHT pressing the button once meant its lock and the indicators flash once... but they dont... only if you do it twice. Is this the same as everyone else? Twice I beleive is dead locking and the manual confirms BUT does it also include the alarm? Which also, by the way, I dont get... how effective are mondeo alarms? I cant even tell mines switched on, Im used to hearing a loud beep and sort of prefer that!

Anyway... First question and introduction. Hopefully I can provide some good input on this forum, I had many years experience working with diesel engines and mechanics (although Im far from a mechanic myself!)


Hi and welcome, as you have found out it requires 2 clicks to dead lock and alarm, as to how good the alarm is well i dont think any car alarm is effective, most get ignored so whats the point
hi I got a Mondeo tdci 2004 it does require to presses and is followed by 2 flashes which puts on deadlock and alarm, my alarm has been effective and works OK lake yo would expect for an alarm, I found out my alarm works OK cos I armed the car and by accident I left the window open, and soon as I walked past the car a few mins later the alarm went off so they are fairly sensitive.
Hi Pete, Hi Chris.

thanks for your replys! Very good to know. On my previous car, 306, the deadlocking process was the same... now that I know it ALSO activates the alarm Ill be certain to use it :)

Much appreciated guys

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