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Full Version: Just Orange Line At Bottom Of Computer Display
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Hi, I'm a newbie at all this but wondered if anyone can help me with this problem I have on my 07 s-max where I have only an Orange line at the bottom of my computer display. There are no other details on the screen ie mpg/average speed ect. Screen is blank apart from this orange line. Any help is much appreciated.
Sounds to me like the screen's gone pop. Is the screen part of the binnacle on an S-Max?
Sorry, but what's a binnade ?
[quote name='killydawn' timestamp='1326890426' post='161877']
Sorry, but what's a binnade ?
Sorry. It's the part of your dashboard where the dials and warning lights live.
Cheers. the rest of the dash, warning lights, dials ect are all working fine. its just the computer display ie trip odo/fuel mpg ect that's blank. its a small 2-3 inch square area.

The orange section is the bit in the middle of the two dials - so yes part of the binnacle.

2 things to try:
1. Disconnect the main car battery - leave for 5 mins then reconnect - may just require a "re-boot" the system
2. Check the plug at the back of the cluster to ensure it's not worked loose - maje sure it's firmly pressed home - might be worth disconnecting the plug and using some electrical contact cleaner on the points to ensure a good contact.

If neither works then it would suggest a faulty screen, and hence a replacement cluster.
Thanks. I turned ignition on today and it has re set itself. Maybe a loose connection like you said. Thank you.
Funny that, as mine was fine earlier when i started the car, by the time i got out he gate of the house it had turned full orange with a darker orange line at the bottom ?? Tried on / off , lock / unlock but not cleared yet ? Will check the connections tomorrow , just hoping it resets itself.......... :blink:

UPDATE : reset itself the following morning and ok ever since.........will check connections to be sure. It was about -2 the night it happened, maybe something to do with it ?
The cluster needs to be removed and dry joints re-soldered for a permanent fix.

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