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Full Version: Diesel Leak/guage Error?
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Hi all

Got a new problem today... I think?

130 tdci 2002

Fuel light came on around 50 miles left to fuel station indicator

First time topping up with diesel (Ive had the car a few days) put in £20

On way back to work (5 miles on dual carriageway) I noticed the fuel amount indicator in the dash initally said 210 miles until next stop. It started going down quite quick (1 mile every 10 seconds). I THINK Ive seen diesel on the bonnet and windscreen (have seen it before on one of my previous cars)

By the time I got back to work the indicator read 167 miles remaining!!!

Ive opened the bonnet, checked eveything I can see initially without removing the cover and I cant see a single leak!

Im sure you all have checked the miles remaining until next fuel stop guage after filling up... is it normal for the level to fluctuate around 40 miles??

Ive read some reports of fuel pipes from pump to rail coming loose or corroding and needing replacement.

Any ideas?

Many thanks!
The only real way to check you fuel consuption is brim the tank drive for a few 100 miles brim again and do the maths.
You may not have a problem , was the car level when you took the dash reading, I know mine fluctuates when the tank is low outside my house it can read in the 200's and by the time I get to work about 3 miles it can be showing 150ish, then when I restart its back in the 200's

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