So, I have picked her up, my first ever Ford! There's so much to like and I'm over the moon. It's a 1.6 Focus TDCi 2006.

Just wondering if anyone has done a how to on the door cards and handles as someone / thing has very clearly had the door to bits and the window motors seem very slow on the passenger too and sticky??

The front passenger door card has been removed and its very badly fitted, its literally hanging off! I had the card off (the handle looks impossible to get to stay in place, has anyone found a way?) and I could see all the plastic bolts were mangled but how can I get it to fit flush again, or will it? I was expecting it all to 'click' back in when I had insulating taped up the screw heads but no such luck - so is it a case of buying new bolts and starting from scratch? (Anyone got part No's? )