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Full Version: Water In The Well
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Jane Fletcher
Hello, i wonder if anyone can help me, i have a 2003 ford focus, 2 door, just lately when it has been raining i have noticed the passenger foot well carpet very wet, has any one got any ideas thank jane
Very likely to be the 'pollen filter cover' on the passengers side, at the bottom of the windscreen (the 'dimpled' plastic that rises up to meet the bottom of the windscreen).

It's 'sealed' by butyl tape type stuff to the windscreen (and a line of dodgy 'foam' - think foam insulating strips for doors). This often perishes / looses it's seal (or gets disturbed, and not replaced when the pollen filter under it is changed).

They changed the design a while back (my 53 plate focus has a 'newer one') which has a drip tray type arrangement under it to catch water that does ingress from the windscreen - older ones apparently just let it drip straight into the filter.

If you pressure wash your car - don't overly wash the bottom of the windscreen. You can get a 'seal kit' for the existing one - or you can replace it completely (I replaced mine completely when I changed the pollen filter a while back as it was badly disorted - as well as losing it's seal) - the passenger and driver side are seperate covers.

Parts were ~£55 I think. Takes about 20 minutes to do - can be a bit tricky (nasty plastic 'lugs' and a single screw hold it in place) - there's some guides on the Internet (as well as general comments about it). It's unfortunately one of those things which is easier to do once you've done it once or twice - which again is usually why it's better getting a replacement cover incase you damage the old one taking it off - or take it to a garage.

If the seals gone and there's either no drip tray - or too much water ingress it'll go into the pollen filter (which will stink after a while) - and ends up in the footwell soaking the carpet. It may also end up going past the fan motor - either way you probably want to get it fixed before it causes too much damage...


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