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Full Version: Angel Eyes For 08 Focus
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Hey guys,

As i'm fairly new to this forum , I hope i am posting this in the right area! :P
I just recently got my 08 1.4 style focus and after driving it for a bit, I realised that the standard headlamps on it were not the best and provide very little light when driving at night. Paid a wee visit to the ford dealer and got them to check the lamps , make sure they are ok and they said it was fine. Ended up going to Halfords and getting a set of the Ultra brilliance bulbs, fitted in and that made very little difference too.
I presume that this is just the way the standard headlamps on the focus are. So tried doing a little research and came up with a set of Angel Eye projector headlamps for the Focus, 225 pounds and apparently simple plug and play job. Wondering if anyone had the same issue or if anyone fitted the aftermarket angel eyes and what are your views on it? Also was wondering if i got a HID kit, would that make a lot of difference with the current headlamps??

Any input much appreciated :D


Have you got fog lights fitted too?
I can tell only about angel eyes made by FK / DEPO that I used in my Astra Mk4. Used with halogen bulbs they give less light than standard lamps, it is the effect of the lens of projector headlamps.

HID really makes a difference, just make sure it has no more than 5000K. Unfo I do not know if it is leggal in UK to use HID with standard headlamps, you would have to check it to avoid problems.
personally i find the standard lights fine if im honest you could upgrade to hids though i know a few with burnt out ballsts on them suppose it depends on the quality angel eyes are okay but can look takky for bulbs osram nightbreakers are best halfords ones didnt do well on tests emitting less light than standard so its likely the bulbs are just not that good
Cheers guys :D

@Pidu : I know, i wouldn't go for anything over 5000 or maybe 6000, had a few mates with 10,000 fitted on and they did look a bit tacky alright :/
I just want to get as much light out as possible, without blinding other drivers and affecting anyone else.
These standard ones just don't do it for me!! :)

See I'm going to order the Angel eyes from essexracing, they seem to be doing genuine headlamps and also offer you a certain amount of warranty on it. Simple plug and play job they claim, so will fit them in and then invest in a decent HID kit. As soon as that's done, I will let everyone know whether it's worth investing in or not :P

Again thanks for your input guys...
Nigel S
Most, if not all, aftermarket headlamp units are not built for performance but for style (and some of that is questionable at best).
@Nigel, yeah well as long as i can fit a set of HID lights into the aftermarket headlamps, think that will be perfect. Plus it will also improve the look of the car (not that much needs to be changed!!) :)

When i was speaking to a Ford expert, he said that fitting the HID kit into the standard headlamps will not only not improve the lighting but it might also blind drivers as the lamps are not prepared for HIDs.

Just gonna go ahead and order those Essex racing ones and see if i can pull off a set of a decent HID kit :P
Yea i had a set of 6000k hids in my standard headlamps but had to take them out as they were creating unwanted glare toward on coming cars. Have since fitted a set of 2010 st headlamps with built in xenons. Just want to get a set of 6000k bulbs to match up with the hids I've got in the fogs
jgriff... that sounds really cool. When you say you got a set of 2010 ST headlamps, any chance you can send a link or even the name of the manufacturer of those headlamps?? Would love to get a set of these.. ;)
i think jgriff has genuine ford lamps and not aftermarket ones.
[quote name='salsheikh' timestamp='1327757588' post='163596']
i think jgriff has genuine ford lamps and not aftermarket ones.

Alright yeah, only realised that now!! Might make a trip to the local Ford dealership and see if they have any ST headlamps lying about!! They will probably be the best option...
Yea they're the genuine ones. Didn't buy them off ford, i bought them off a lad who had them fitted to his car and was selling the car and decided to sell these separate. Will cost a pretty penny from ford new!

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