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Full Version: Mpg Horror Story?
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Hi there,

First time poster, am the proud owner of a just-brought Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec Climate (Petrol, Automatic).

I've had quite the shock with the MPG that I am getting from the car. I commute 20 miles a day (16 by motorway / 4 local roads) and am averaging about 31 MPG for the commute. That means I go through a whole tank in just over a week (£65!!!!) which is hurting my wallet considerably. I drive at about 30-40mph on local roads and 65-75mph on motorway.

I'd really appreciate any sage advice from forum members if this is normal or if something is possibly wrong with the car?

Many thanks

For an automatic 1.6 petrol, low to mid thirties doesn't sound outrageous.
Petrol.... Automatic.... Doesn't really surprise me that MPG is in the low 30's.

Petrol Auto's aren't known for their economy, However someone may correct me. TBF in my old focus manual diesel id see 37-39mpg on a short commute..
Where are you filling up? Only I get 5mpg better economy if I fill up with branded fuel rather than supermarket rubbish.
You might have to leave earlier but driving @ approx 55mph in highest gear is more economic than at 65/70. Have a look on AA website for economic driving tips.

Happy driving :)
Having the same car except manual doing the same sort of driving.
20 miles there and bk all on b roads i get 39 mpg on the motorway i get 40s to get what youre getting in an auto sounds right.
i put 30 quid in and that does me 7days at work and then running around on my days off i use 60quid of fuel a month so either you have a duff fuel gauge or a leak mate
has it been serviced,are the tyre pressures correct,remove unnessary weight.All of these will affect mpg
I have a 2002 Focus Zetec with only 44K miles. Your mpg sounds about right to me, when I first got it and used to put my foot down more I used to get around 28mpg. I now try to hardly press the throttle and it seems to be doing a bit better but I have never bothered measure it's fuel usage for a while. I also have a 2003 Focus TDCI 115 estate and it's fuel economy is vastly superior. But I never drive that far in the auto, the auto is a much nicer drive though.
30-35mpg seems fair.

I average 35mpg overall. I get crap mpg going 5miles to work each day but make it back up averaging 40 odd mpg on the motorway.

just drive better if you want to save on fuel.

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