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Full Version: 1990 Escort Xr3I Hates Running When Its Cold
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Hi guys and girls
got a quick question for you all.

my lovely old car (more old then lovely lol) hates being driven when its cold,
It starts fine and stays running but if you try and drive it has no power and tryes to die so for the first 5 or 10 mins it drives like a bag of spuds but when the engine has warmed up its off like a rocket we go lol
maybe its just like me and hates getting up in the moring, but it does it when its been driven then sat all day so it cant be that.

Any ideas why it hates being being driven when its cold , was thinking it could be the mixture or could it be something to do with air as it doesnt have the original air filter its got a K&N cone maybe something just needs a tweek ( probabily a good service would help) .
It revs fine but just wont pull untill its warmed up and also on a couple of ocasions traving ( i do quite a lot of moterway) if you hit traffic or roadworks so have to sit at 30 from doing an hour at 70 it trys to cut out / do that same thing it does when its cold. its never stoped or stalled though.

If anyone has any ideas would be greatful if you could let me know

Cheers :)
Sounds like an automatic choke problem at a guess?
Maybe it needs cleaning out to allow more fuel thru while it warms up.
Find out where it is and get it off!.
it could be a block on the back if the engine called the warm up regulator playing up, it richens the mixture for the first couple of mins, could also be a coolant sensor.
thanks guys ill give then a go tommrow . and see if anything works.

Is the warm up regulator checkable to see if its ok ?
Not another spammer. What a pain.

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][size=4]Above statement looks a bit stupid, especially when the spam posting was removed afterwards LOL.[/size][/font]
any luck with problem? was it warm up regulator?
[color=#000000]not as of yet and its also smelling like its running rich now, so am gunna try and find some diagrams of where iam ment to be looking and what iam ment to do when i find it lol [/color]

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