Hi All,
I have just taken ownership of a ford with the 1.6 ecoboost start/stop engine. Now I have managed to make use of the feature and seen the information display give informative feedback when its unavailable like "Charging", "Air conditioning and heating" and then I get the really helpful message "Engine stop not available".

Now starting the car I assume the engine stop would not be available until the engine has reached an optimal temperature to reduce wear when cold.

But this morning I took the 41 mile drive to the office and driving out of my city the auto stop start kicked in and worked fine at all the lights. Then I drive several miles on the motorway to the Severn toll bridge and use the stop start again on the bridge.

Now when I reached the bridge I got the message "Manual Restart Required" so I assume based on the "Charging" message the start/stop battery had discharged which is fine. When I drove away I was greeted with the helpful message "Engine stop not available"? So I assumed it was a manual restart and after a while it will re-enable and charge. Well 20 miles later I am at my junction and still just the message "Engine stop not available".

I was wondering if anyone knew more about this and the conditions it works or not. The car is 9 months old and done 3.5K of miles and I have heard the start/stop batteries don't last much after a year.

Any experience/advice would be gratefully appreciated.