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Full Version: Ford Puma Please Help!
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hi all.

i have a ford puma 1.7 t reg year 99.

i have noticed water coming in from the passenger footwell, making the carpet wet and not smelling too nice!

does anyone have ideas why this is and where the leak could be please?or cause as driving me mad, recently purchased the car and would like to sort this out asap.
i have read posts its likely from around the pollen filter, well tried the hospipe water check and had water coming into the footwell when spraying onto the pollen filter surround housing!

is this a common issue, i have put mastic on or around the base of the pollen filter housing to hope to stop the water leak ingress~!

anyone have any sugestions please as would like to sor this out beofre it destroys my car!

is there any grommets which could be blocked?

help appreciated or diagrams of anything asap. :(
Its the pollen filter housing mate, the focus and mondeo are affected by the same design fault, newer nodels came with a little hose attatched to the base of the filter housing which would drain the leak back to the engine bay where it would fall to the ground, im not sure if the new model is a straight swap for the base of the old one,

and if you contact your local ford dealer, the pollen filter and housing seal are supposed to be changed at the same time as each other in a bid to prevent any leaks mate,

heres a picture of the pollen housing on the bottom right, and the filter on the bottom left mate,

Also check where the main loom enters the bulkhead. This is a huge grommit. It is to the right of the pollen filter as you are facing from the front of the car (nearside).

I found that clearing any debris from all around that area and ensuring the drainage channels in the corners are clear stopped our one from leaking water in as it didnt have time to build up.

Good luck

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