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Full Version: Head Restraint Alternative
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I have a 2008 Focus Mk 2.5 (facelift) Estate, The head restraints are not comfortable, they push your head forward more than the head restraints on the pre 2008 cars; has anybody fitted the flatter head restraint from a pre 2008 car? or know if they would fit? The distance apart centre to centre of the rods that go into the seat is 15cm. I am aware that these newer head restraints are to help to prevent wiplash, and it is possible to reverse the existing head restraints, but that is not good for the rear seat passengers having a facefull of reversed head restraint.
don,t know about the actual head restraint but i would be wary of the insurance implication in the case of god forbid an insurance claim as it would be classed as a mod

Thanks Steads, for your reply, yes I am aware of the insurance implicaions, but my wife has a back problem and is unable to travel in the car with the existing head restraints, I may try a back cushion to move the body forward and away from the head restraint. Apparantley it is even more of a problem in a Honda.
Nigel S
The headrests in my 2005 look identical to those in my missus' 2009.
Hi Nigel, I am sure mine on a 2008 Titanium Estate protrude further than on earlier cars, but I could be wrong as I have only looked at other cars from a distance, they are much further forward than on my old 1999 Mondeo, Do yo know if the head restraints on the two cars you have are interchangable?

Regards, ndsussex.
Nigel S
I am stating that the headrestraints on Mk2 and Mk2.5 Focuses are the same. They are, as you say, vey different to the earlier fords much as your old Mondeo and the Mk1 Focus. I very much doubt you can swap them over, in fact it is a dickens of a job to remove them for obvious safety reasons.
i had the same problem .the only way i could get round it was to raise the headrest slightly higher than i would normally have had it ,found that way its not forcing your head forward :unsure:
Thanks for all the sugestions, still no luck getting my wife comfortable without reversing the head restraint.
I may have to do what I did with my elderly Mondeo and chop her in for a more recent model. (Only joking), a trip to the scrap yard sometime to try to find another head restraint that is more upright and that will fit the car may be the only answer.

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