I have had my brand new 1.6 petrol Focus for just under 2 months now. After only a couple of weeks I started to hear a strange noise when I went over speed humps, pot holes etc. I took it back to my Ford dealer who said they could not hear it. This was not a surprise as they drove it on a flat road! Since then the noise has gotten a lot worse. It gets so bad I think the car is going to split into 2. So last week I took it back again as a problem with one of the door handles had shown up not to mention the wipers. This time the dealer said they could hear the noise and I was told it was a suspension bush. It was then booked in for all the problems to be fixed. Here is where I am confused and let down. When I got the phone call to say my car was ready to be picked up, I was told that the noise was NOT a suspension bush. I was told it is a common problem on most new Focus's! The dealer told me Ford would be informed and that most of their sales reps have the same issue. I was also told a fix could be months away. Surely this can't be right. Then to add insult to injury I got in my car to bring it home only to find the wiper issue had not been fixed either. When I went back in to complain I was told 'Sorry, we didn't check to see if the parts had been fitted!' I then had to wait over 90 minutes to have the wiper repair done. My question is: Has anyone else had the same issue when going over speed humps etc? or I am being fobbed off? The noise is like a grinding noise, cold temps, zero and below make it seem a lot worse. I am going to be in touch with the Ford contact centre in the morning trust me!

UPDATE 27/01/2012: The Ford contact centre have told me this is NOT a known fault. They asked me to take my car back to the dealer to have the rear anti-roll bar checked to see if this was the cause.

UPDATE 29/01/2012: Well the car has been back to the dealer and as I suspected, the rear anti-roll bar is not the cause. The dealer then told me, there is nothing else they or Ford are willing to do as the case is closed.

THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THE FRONT SUSPENSSION, I just want this issue fixed and will NOT be driving this car until it's sorted, how do I know it's safe to do so?

Ford has just gone to the bottom of the list for customer service and I won't be using Ford again after this.