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Full Version: Delay When Acclerating - 2006 Focus Tdci
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Hello All

I've signed up to this site in an attempt to resolve an ongoing, and fairly expensive issue with my '06 Focus TDCi.

For no reason whatever, the engine warning light will come on showing "engine systems fault" accompanied with a short loss of power, after which the engine perfectly. I also experience a delay when changing up through the gears of about 1 second, although it feels longer when I'm trying to overtake something. There's no pattern as to when the problem happens, it's totally 100% random. Sometimes when I switch the engine off and back on the error has gone, sometimes it there straight away even before I've turned it over.

I've had it in to two garages, one independent and one a Ford garage. The first garage (Independent) reported that the throtlle pedal needed replacing as the codes they were able to get out of the engine indicated P1120 - Throttle Position Sensor out of range. So I got them to replace the throttle @ £90.... Unfortunately, they then said that another code was showing which was a Ford-Only code, so I to take my car to a proper Ford garage as they had all the gubbins' to tell me what the problem was and be able to fix it.

Anyhoo, three days later and yet another throlle pedal (in case the new one was knackered), they still can't fix it and I'm reluctant to pay any more money as they seem unable to find the problem. They've spent all this time checking all the connections (after speaking with Ford UK themselves), replaced a couple a suspect connections but no joy, so at this point, I'm £700 out of pocket, and still got a car with the same annoying problem.

I completely understand that this can't be diagnosed 'over the net' but I was sort of hoping that someone, somewhere might have a similar problem and may be able to help. I have no issues with paying for a garage to fix the problem as long as I know they will. What I don't want to do is keep throwing money at garages on the off-chance that they might fix it coz at the moment, that's all the garages are doing. :(

[u]Any[/u] feedback or suggestions are welcome, no matter how stupid!


Sorry for the bump, but does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? :mellow:
so you've had to pay for a fault that not been fixed, not very good from Ford this.
Hi. I am suffering with the same sort of problem. Total random lack of power! I was wondering if you have had any joy yet?
[quote name='salsheikh' timestamp='1327865380' post='163862']
so you've had to pay for a fault that not been fixed, not very good from Ford this.
Ask for a refund. Whatever the cause of the problem is, it clearly wasn't *these* parts and you have been made to pay for unnecessary work.
Hey Chucky

Sorry, but I've still got the same issue, but now it seems to be happening all the time. I've figured it out that it has to be an electrical issue as the engine warning light comes on even before I've turned the engine over. I'm due to put it in to another Ford garage soon with the clear instructions that they are not to perform any work unless they've spoken to me first so I can ovoid getting a big bill and still having a broken car.

Pitmonster, I thought the same as you and spoke to my local trading stadards office and they advised me that because the garage had performed diagnostics and had actually tried to fix the issue, that I didn't have a leg to stand on in the event that I refused to pay the bill. The first non-Ford garage, who replaced the throttle have offered me a refund as it didn't fix the issue, however, it did 'seem' to resolve one of the error codes, so I'm reluctant to ask them to refit the old throttle.

Chucky, when I get any more news, I'll post back, but I'd appreciate it if you would do the same if you manage to get your problem resolved before me. ;)

Hi may be a long shot but check the wiring loom for chaffing i,ve just replaced the engine in mine and found the loom was partially chaffed by the gear linkage going to a sensor on the gear box possibly earthing out like i say long shot but worth a look.
Hi. I have been told it might be a sticky actuator. That's the unit to the right of the turbo that allows the turbo to boost. Might be sticking? Mine is only now and again, it did it yesterday. It just seemed like it had no power and was hard to drive? Changing down gear going up hills etc. as if the turbo was not boosting fully? I will let you know.
Hi. Had my Focus in at the official Ford dealer here on the Isle of Man, and they have told me that it's either the Instrument Cluster, or Engine Management Computer. Obviously they have suggested that I try replacing the Cluster first as it's the cheapest option of the two.... ONLY £400 to buy the cluster, and then labour charges on top to fit it, and even then there's no guarentee that it'll resolve the issue.

Stuck between a rock and hard place now... I suppose I could try taking the cluster out myself and checking all the solder joints etc, but I'm not sure whether this is a programmable unit that Ford will need to re-programme in the event of removal.
Removing the cluster will cause no problems at all.
Worth looking at the solders if you have the eye for it.
Hey Stoney871

I've tried to take the instrument panel out tonight, but after removing the bottom two screws, it seems stuck. I don't suppose you know why do ya?

I know what to look for with soldered joints ;)

Right, instructions from my Haynes.
Fully extend steering column.
Unclip rubber gaiter from steering columb upper shroud.
Pull the lower part of bezel towards you and remove.
Undo 2 bolts -[b]where you got to[/b].
Carefully pull top edge of cluster towards you and manoeuvre from place.
Unclip wiring plugs.

Be aware that if a new panel is needed then a Ford engineer will need to initialise it and set mileage and other functions.
Ta very much... I'll try pulling the top with a bit more gusto tonight.
Finally managed to find the time to get the instrument cluster out, and after a quick check of the solder joints, there doesn't seem to be any obvious dry ones. I don't suppose anyone has any wiring diagrams of the circuit board do they?

Also, anyone interested in piccies of the gubinns of the cluster while I've got it in bits?

Always take pics.
One day i'm sure someone will ask for some.
Update: :D

I "think" I've fixed my ongoing issue with the Acceleration Delay, and annoyingly, it took me 30 minutes!

After stripping down the instrument cluster and checking the solder joints on the back, I noticed that some of the main wiring harness plug connector joints seemed a little different ([url=""]see picture[/url]). I know it looks like the camera flash has affected the image, but some of the joints down the left hand side seemed a little 'dry'. So I ran the soldering iron over them with a new dose of solder and refitted the cluster to the vehicle. That was three days ago and since doing this, all my accelrator problems have gone!!!! :o Can it be that [b]two[/b] Ford garages were unable to resolve in 4 days what tool me just 30 minutes and at no cost?

Taking the cluster out, striiping it down and resoldering was really easy, and if anyone else has similar issues, I'd seriously recommand doing this before handing over any readies to the garages.

I hope this helps someone else.

Good find that man. :)

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