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Full Version: Ford Used Car Warranty, Your Thoughts Please
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Hi Guys,

Just need a bit of advise on a Ford warranty. I bought a Used ford car yesterday for £7600 from my local ford dealer, the sales rep keeps banging on about taking out an extended Ford Warranty which will cover me for 3 years should any mechanical fault occurs in that time. They have given me a standard 3 months warranty on the car should anything happen. £369 seems a lot of money considering other companies are offering warranties for much cheaper.

What do you think I should do?

You dont need to get your warranty from the dealer! you can buy used car warranties elsewhere much cheaper. I had one through Warranty Direct for my Fiesta - good, but equally bad....

Good because there were a few problems with the water pump - I had to pay the £50 diagnostic fee, but then they paid the other £200.00 to resolve the problem (or thereabouts).

Bad because you have to take it to a garage not necessarily on your doorstep (not necessarily Fords I found!), and also bad because if your warranty stipulates diagnosis and repair take no less than X hours, and the garage go over that, you are liable for the fees.

When they replaced my water pump they were told 90 minutes - 2 hours to completely disaasemble the engine bay, replace the part, rebuild, and test. Unfortunately the warranty companies sometimes fail to acknowledge that these guys are not Formula one standard, nor do they have F1 standard tool boxes...

So yes, they are good for peace of mind, they are safe and in one repair can make your money back. However dont feel you have to buy from Ford Direct, shop around for "Used Car Warranties" and see what you can get - a lot cheaper than £400.00 I expect!

I purchased a warranty for my Fiesta online some months ago and it cost about £300 for 12 months for the top level of cover. It definitely pays to shop around and to compare quotes and the level of cover offered.

My friend worked at a local dealer and they used to make good profits from selling extended warranties - so I did a google search to see what else was available and saved myself some pennies!!

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