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Full Version: Black Box Insurance, Teenager?
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It seems like blackbox insurance is a no brainer for teenagers at the moment, especially if Ive only just passed. Has anybody here got any experience with them? i'm looking at [url=""][/url] in particluar but anyone who's tried tracker insurance it'd be good to hear your thoughts. Have any of your premiums come down in price?
bare in mind that your fitted with a GPS tracker, you cant drive after certain hours, or you pay a penalty, and it monitors how many miles you have driven. Yes they are good, but they can be restrictive to your learning... for example, you just passed your test (congratulations by the way!) however the problem is that by taking this policy, you may want to learn about driving in the dark, and under night conditions, but you may be restricted to driving until 6pm and not beyond. so you wont be able to learn a lot. Otherwise, they can be known to keep your premiums down if you follow the policy to the letter...
I think co-op do a similar one that also monitors how hard your accelerate/brake and go round corners...

No thank you! Haha.
I am not entirely sure on that one, I dont think they bother taking that much detail. most use a GPS chip, just to track your movement, the hours and the mileage that you rack up. they are more like a cheap mans GPS chip than a planes double black box...

Although by now they would have voided my insurance I am sure...
I think the co-op one is pretty unique. It's called the smartbox-i got a quote with them and it was very cheap, I was going to purchase.. until they asked for a date of install! Haha.
God I'd be screwed... These things are terrible for anyone.

I'm a newbie to this forum, but this is a subject I feel strongly about as I have been looking for insurance quotes to add my 18 year old son to drive my car. The quotations are ridiculous and some have been in the region of £7,000??!! I work in insurance and understand that my son will be considered a 'high risk' due to his age and lack of experience - but £7k???!! No wonder there are so many uninsured drivers on the road.....

Anyway, I also looked at insurance policies that offered the smartbox technology - designed to monitor how you drive etc and charge you an insurance premium accordingly, but to be honest with you the premiums were not that favourable still (£3k+). I have spent a lot of time researching this for my son as he is due to take his test in the next 4-5 weeks and this is my tip for teenager drivers ....

Save yourself a load of time by completing your details on a comparison website. When you get their quotes (and lots will be stupidly high) look for the cheapest providers and then contact them directly. When I did, the quotes were cheaper going direct than going through the comparison website. Failing that, try Adrain Flux. They give really good quotations for youngsters but they told me that the car has to be registered to them (so I can't insure my son with them as I am the registered keeper of the Fiesta)??? Aaarrgghhhh....

Above all - check the cover they are providing is adequate and read the exclusions and limitations on the policy!!
Agreed, I always use comparison sites, then attach the site directly, on the odd occasion, its actually cheaper to buy through the comparison site, than from them direct.

Also my advice is never front your policy! by all means be a named driver, and gain your own experience, but never front! I started my first years NCB as a named driver on my fathers policy, it worked well, as Direct Line then acknowledged that year as a fully fledged years NCB, even though I hadnt been driving too much. But because I moved away, bought the car from my father and drove it miles down the road, the insurance company got iffy, and suspected I was "fronting" a few strong words later, and a few faxes with evidence they calmed themselves down, but they are getting very hot on this! so just be careful!

Otherwise, another bit of advice - get a moped! - Seriously! they are cheap to run in the first year, and I had a friend who had a moped, he then applied for a car insurance, the insurer took his 1 year NCB on the moped, and translated it to 3 years NCB in a car, so its worth starting on a moped and working your way up!
The thought of some company tracking you/your movements? No thanks....

And who will still probably try at all costs to avoid paying out for you aswell!

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