Hey guys, thought id share this with you, as it might help you, or another video another day might help you.

We have decided to record how to modify/fix/install things on our own vehicles, edit the footage into a nice little video then, upload it to the world of youtube. We have called this project Absolute Modicts.

Our first video just went up on youtube and id like to show it you lot, the first video we started simple, Showing you how to fit a cd player. i know its not a ford in the video, but were not limited on what to record on, so the next video could be a ford, or bmw etc... so dont slander us for that :P

We have many more videos planned and some recorded all ready for editing, so this will be a nice project for us, and we really enjoyed making it.

Well here it is guys, absolute modicts first ever video, If you enjoy the video, please do like and subscribe, were very anxious to hear what you guys think!