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Full Version: Ford Focus 2008 Mk 2.5 (Facelift) Aftermarket Hu
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Hi Guys

I have just joined the forum, so bear with me.

I have been thinking recently I want to upgrade my stock Ford 6000CD to a Double-Din Aftermarket HU, complete with iPod usb lead, memory/card stick slot and all that jazz (and preferably still being able to use the steering wheel control stalk).

I have an idea of how to get the fascia off and get the old CD player out, but I was wondering if you could recommend any good HU, and if you could point me in the direction of a guide on how to fit the new one and hook up all the wiring?

Thanks in advance!

the wiring should be simply plug and play check ebay for a ford focus double din hu and youll find plenty mainly from china which after seeing one look and sound pretty good
Changing the head unit is pretty easy. Follow these steps:

1. Disconnect battery negative terminal

2. Lever that facia trim from around the head unit and heater controls (start at the bottom by the heated window switch, it is a bit stiff and be careful with the piece around the hazard light switch)

3. Undo the 4 screws in each corner of the standard head unit. Pull head unit out from dash.

You will need a wiring adapter to convert the ford quadlock connector to an ISO connector and possibly one for the aerial as well. These can be brought from the likes of Halfords. (are available cheaper elsewhere)

You will also need a new facia panel, one that has a standard double DIN hole in for the aftermarket head unit.

4. Install cage supplied with the new headunit.

5. Connect wiring adapters

6. Push new headunit into dash and replace facia trim

7. Connect battery negative terminal

I fitted this to the missus astra a while back [url=""][/url]

Facia panel - [url=""]http://www.caraudiod...-dfp-07-17.html[/url]

Wiring adapter - [url=""]http://www.caraudiod...estamondeo.html[/url]

Hope this helps!
almost certain some mk2.5's need keys to get the head unit out.

mine is an early 06 with a 6000CD and was told its a mk2.5 and i needed keys.

If you do need keys (you'll see 2 1cm long horizontal slits near each corner of the HU) then you won't need to pry off the facia surround.

As for the steering wheel controls, on the square connector that goes into the stereo, there is a connector that is removable that should have two small wires in it, one brown at the very least. These are your steering wheel controls and need to be connected to the new HU. As said you will need an adapter for the new HU most likely, and if you get the adapter form halfords, and probably any where else, these steering wheel controls won't work as the wires for them aren't in the adapter. You need to remove the connector from the square block and wire them straight to the new HU. Where they go depends on the HU and indeed some may not be able to take them.
Mk 2.5 doesnt need keys. You need a phillips screw driver to remove the 4 screws that hold the unit in.

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