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Full Version: Electrics Mix Up On 2004 Mondeo
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2004 TDCI 2L diesel estate
Car was working fine until I tried to start it this afternoon. Had used the car 2 hours previously.
When I turn the key, it seems that every light on dashboard lights on, the radio as well.
Lights are bright. Starter motor did sort of connect electrically but did not turn over properly.
I tried battery charger for a few hours. Charger showed a lowly 1amp. Battery is just 1 year old.
Disconnected charger and tried again but no difference.
There had been a rather heavy shower earlier .
Any suggestions would be welcomed as car is of course immobile, thankfully on drive and not at Tescos, where I was headed.
I am familiar with older cars but not modern electrics.
Lights problems have ceased this morning when turning key.
Problem now seems to be simply that the starter motor has not enough power to start the engine.
Seems to be a classic case of a flat battery - but battery is fine and terminals are fine.
Any ideas please.
Is this likely to be just a case for a starter motor overhaul, new starter motor or could it be the dreaded metal filings problem from flywheel I have read about elsewhere?
Have you had the battery load tested, not just a multi meter check
As Prag has said, having the battery load tested will rule out that. have you got the use of another car to try a jump start? that will also indicate if its a battery issue or not.

if it still doesnt turn, it might be worth whipping the motor off for inspection, any metal filings inside will indicate DMF issues
I'm beginning to suspect the dmf issue, as all indications are that battery if OK.
As this likely cost of £800+, am prepared to clean up starter motor for "starters" if I can get it out.
Probably trade it in for a newer car if I can get it working.
Have done this before on earlier model cars with in line engines (Granada, Cortina, A40 etc) but unsure where to start on this one, first thing is - "where is it?"
The more I peer underneath the bonnet, the more confused (and cold) that I get.
2.0L TDCI Diesel estate, 54 reg, duratec engine.
Has anybody got a picture?
dont know if im too late but IIRC the starter motor is at the rear and is accessible from underneath

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