Hello fellow Ford owners, I be new around these parts, but I assumed this section of the forum would be best to ask this question!

As of recently, I have become the owner of a 1998 Ford Fiesta Encore (MKIV, 1.3l, 5dr hatchback)!

I've been recommended by friends to install an immobiliser/alarm/some form of central locking, as in its current state I have to unlock my driver door, then unlock all the corresponding doors required from the inside, whereas most immobilisers offer the feature of having remote locking/unlocking for at least the driver door and front passenger door (which is exactly what I need!)

So I was wondering, can anyone here link me to any particularly good guides on how to install such a system? Or a special type of immobiliser that would fit the best for this old model?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!