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Full Version: Exhaust Sound
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Ryan DC
Anybody got any good advice on how to get your fiesta mk6.5 zetec s louder?
Induction kit and decat wide bore exhaust.
Why do you want it louder?
Hate your neighbour?
Dont you love the sweet sound of a small car without any baffles. Reminds me of my lovely wife snoring through the night while I think of a way of sound proofing her before I go insane from the constant irritating reverberation. LOL
Ryan DC
Yeah my neighbour is a &@! And I just want it louder because it's too quiet. But yeah that sounds good. Any type that would work best with the fiesta... Mk6?
LOL @ btmaldon,

I was having the same conversation with a friend yesterday about mopeds with 'sports exhausts'. I said they sound very much like a tin full of wasps or bees with a microphone attached somewhere inside and lots of echo added.

This was the same friend who told me to fit a straight through exhaust and a K&N to my little 1.25 Fiesta! The K&N would be cool because there's no need to replace them you just wash them, and they do look kinda cool - but the sports exhaust? I'll pass :D
Oh sorry! To the OP - you could probably get really good results from a straight through exhaust, sister's boyfriend has done this to his Zetec S and the sound is actually really good. Not too loud but sounds more throaty, perfect. I think he bought his on eBay for like £400, but you can probably get them cheaper. Fitting them is relatively easy but you need access to ramps ideally.
Ryan DC
That's a great idea... I never thought of that. Cheers mate. Il give it a go!

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