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Full Version: Fuse Box Diagrams
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Looking for a quick response if possible

2006 Focus Lx

I was changing the bulb in my glove box light and think I blew the fuse for it (no other vanity/boot lights working). I know there are two fuses box's, one in the engine bay on the right and the other behind the glove box.
[u]Can someone point me to a diagram of the fuses and what does what, including the engine bay.[/u]

I took out each fuse from the engine bay one at a time and think I put the top left hand blue 15A fuse back in the wrong spot. 90% certain i didn't but would love to know!
did you get a manual with the car mate?? i had a similar problem in my mk2.5 focus... i bought a new cigar lighter but the head was loose and the bit dropped out the bottom and started to heat up, and i couldnt get it out haha
to cut a long story short i ended up blowin the fuse for both me 12v sockets... i think the fuse your looking for will be in the fuse box under the glove box... if its the same layout as the mk 2.5 you wont have to remove the glove box as it is in the the passenger footwell...
undo the 2 screws (turn 90* by hand to remove) then the fuse board slides down...
i refered to my manual to work out which fuse i needed, they are the small blade fuses... i will try to find you a pic
got it man, meant to post. thanks for the info though.

I whipped out the glove box and after an almighty amount of googling found that the manual has exactly the list i needed. Somewhere along the line I read about the screws or I noticed them or something and dropped the fuse box down which makes such a difference and is so handy!

Had to take the glove box out to wire the light any way so at least it wasn't wasted.

Would love a list/diagram or even a photo of someone else's fuse box in the engine bay that looks like mine?!
here is a pic of my fuse board under the glove box but its abit late to grab the manual lol ill have a butchers tomorrow if you cant find yours...
I noticed last week when fitting a upgraded courtesy light in my 2007 that the fuse box layout on my car was totally different to the Haynes diagram.
On my nternal fuse board the internal light fuse was a 10A fuse front row / right side.
Doing my glove box light upgrade over the next couple of days, will get a pic for you then.
Thanks folks. I have the reference numbers in the manual for the fuse board behind the glove box so all is good there.

The one beside the battery in the engine bay is the one I don't have any info for. I think I may have put a fuse in the wrong place but nothing seems to be different with it so I think its ok.

One thing I would love to learn how to do is wire a feed from the batter to the fuse box and to somewhere in the car for an accessory or whatever. No idea how to do it at the minute, and everything is being taken of something else
Hi chaps, my air con in my 56 Zetec 1.6 just won't come on? The light on the switch does but it's very much a case of "the lights are on but nobody's home"!!! I'm trying to check through things methodically, so fuses first, my fuse board under the glove box is like shown in the earlier post, and the diagram attached to the felt under cover is showing fuses numbered 37 to 86?? Can't see an aircon symbol, does anyone know which one is the aircon please. Many thanks Bill.
If the light is coming on but no aircon i'd get the aircon checked for pressure.
If it needs regassing then the unit will not run to avoid damage to the system.
agreed check that the system needs regassing its not a fuse issue

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