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Full Version: Smax 2.0 Tdci Boot Area Water Ingress
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[font=comic sans ms,cursive][size=5]I have had a intermittent problem with water leaking into the car from the top of the rear pillars and dripping onto the cover which covers the boot. Whats weird is sometimes when its rained it shows no signs of a leak. I have opened the boot and applied sealant to the rubber seals which may have been letting water in where the wiring goes inside the bodywork but it still does it both sides. I have read an earlier post which blamed the roof bar plastic covers but they are over the drainage channel and would make no difference as the water still passes underneath anyway whether they are on or not. Has anyone found a cure to this problem ? Any help would be much appreciated ![/size][/font]
does your rear washer work,just wondered if the pipe has come off.
[quote name='gregers' timestamp='1327776432' post='163628']
does your rear washer work,just wondered if the pipe has come off.

Yes that appears to be fine, I think that pipe runs down the drivers side of the car and I get water coming in from both sides occasionally which is weird.
does the rear hatch have any drain off holes?

funnily enough i have just found damp carpet behind drivers seat under the front seat,storage area.
now ive got to track that down.wondered if its comming through the panoramic roof somehow?
I read your comment/problem with interest as I have the same.
My S max is a 06 plate and has only done 40k miles. I have had it over 5 years.
It is a fine car and does not let us down at all.
2 weeks ago I noticed a flattish tyre and pulled out the compressor to pump it up. Everything fine. 2 days later I went to check the tyre again and the carpet in the well behind the drivers seat was sopping with water.
Because this piece of carpet is hidden I cut it and the underlay out. There was at least 1/2 " water in the well.
My first thought is that the water is coming through the floor, and have spent a few hours searching the bottom pan for a crack or small hole.
I'm keeping a tight watch on it and yesterday, 3 Oct, drove to Manchester through several rain showers. When I got home I checked and found about 1/4 " of water in the well. The area around the door is dry, so I am certain the door seals are water tight.
Last night we had a mini monsoon and this morning, 4 Oct, there was at least 3/4 " of water in the well. Therefore the water can only come in from either the glass roof or the rear side glass panel, running down the inside of the door pillar, or between the skins and into the car. On checking, the carpet underneath the dicky seat is wet. This may be your problem, but as you wrote several months ago you may have already sorted the problem and I would be interested to know the outcome.
I have booked in to Evans Halsall, Portway, Preston for a check and to find out the cost and will keep you informed. Southportsmith
thanks for the reply,did wonder if the drain off on the drivers side doors were not working as they should.but havnt noticed it again.
will check at the weekend.

also wondering if the water is being picked up through a hole in the floor somewhere???

Since my first post I have now found where the water was coming in from. The passenger rear fixing point area  for a roof rack was at fault. The area around the hole where you would fix down a roof rack foot had a small hole in it and the water was getting inside the car and travelling between the interior and skin of the car and appearing out of the trim at the top of the rear quarter liight window and then dripping onto the luggage cover.  Just used sealant to seal the area and jobs a good un !

My S-Max, until now one of our favourite ever purchases, is in the garage. We started getting electrical faults (parking sensors, windscreen wiper). The garage found that under the boot the car was full of water. It must have been like that for a while with no external symptoms even though we're in and out of the boot all the time. We're now looking at replacement or reconditioning of some of the electrics including the main junction box. It seems to be the result of a faulty drain but I don't know much more than that because I haven't seen the car for over a week. Am anticipating a massive bill which seems to be the result of a manufacturing fault.

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