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Full Version: Mondeo Chug At Tickover. [ Baffling]
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my 54 plate tdci has developed a chug at tickover although she drives brilliantly. Thinking it was just a bit of air in the injectors i decided to bleed each one to see if it would cure the problem as i had checked everything else. Expecting the usual ,when i slackened off the injector second from the left it started to tickover propperly. Now this goes against what you would expect so am i missing something. Please help, as it's driving me mad,[excuse the pun]
Did you find a cure ?
That is definately a weird one, normaly if you slacken it off the extra air that gets in causes a problem, is it possible the leak off on that injector is blocked up?

try some injector cleaner ?
Just athought, yesterday I regassed my aircon as it was low on gas i.e not working, however during the fill up the compressor was kicking for about .5 second till it was full than it ran smoothly, so if your A/C is low on gas it could be holding of on the low preassure side and that gives you a chugging sound.
Long shot I know but worth a chance
Surely it would only chug with air con on???
[quote name='Z3 MON' timestamp='1331635779' post='172317']
Surely it would only chug with air con on???

Yes the air con was on whilst I was filling and it was cutting out on the low pressure side hence the chugging
it could be a stuck or gummed up egr valve, these can be removed and cleaned.
Just out of interest all those with this "chugging" issue have you had the car service/fuel filter changed recently?
i have serviced mine, filters changed, petrol changed, 2x injection cleaners, egr cleaned, ecu reset.

and its still runs like crap
I guess I make four so far.

Scotchbee - Interesting about your disturbing the system temporarily sorting it.
I thought I had cured my darling chug by cleaning my pump IMV. It went away immediately after for a few weeks but came back again. Cleaned it once more but no effect this time. I even replaced the IMV valve but nil fix.

[b]Incidentally be very very careful about loosening any HP piping on diesels. At such pressures its easy to get it injected into yourself. Could spoil your whole day.[/b]

Someone else should surely have had this chugging and sorted it.

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