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Full Version: Missed My First Service??
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I bought a nearly new Ford Mondeo (2.0 Ecoboost automatic) in April 2011 from a Ford dealer - the car was 6 months (registered in Oct 2010) old and had done about 2k miles..

AT the time of the sale the dealer said that when a service is due, you will get a message on yoru dashboard to let you know.

Now it is Jan'12 and the mileage is just under 10k. I have never received a message on the dashboard and nor has the dealer contacted me regarding a service. I now read that a service is due after 12months of 12,500miles (I am not sure if it is the earlier of or the later of).

Can anyone shed any light on this - have I missed my first service - i think its an interim service? If I have what are the implications?

Just book it in , and get it done , thats what i did with mine.
Don't rely on the dealer to contact you
yes - but the point is that I have missed the service - I think!! BIt late to just bookj it in when its about 3 months overdue.
I am worried about the warranty and "fsh" situation
Your 1st service was due October 2011.
Book it in asap and worry about any warranty claims if you ever come to it.
Agreed - get it booked in, I would also write a complaint to your dealer and to Ford UK that you were advised not to book it in, until the car said so. They are well aware that they need to see the car 1 year or 12500 miles whichever comes first! As long as you get the likes of Oil and Oil filter replaced you shouldnt have a great deal of problems. The main reason you need an annual service, is to ensure you are going to be keeping the engine in good health.

If something goes pop away from the engine (clutch for example) and they didnt do the first service, the warranty, should in theory still be valid. However, if you had a gasket problem, or similar, then you may encounter an issue during a warranty claim.

If I was you, I would get writing and/or get on the phone to Ford Customer Services and ask them what rights you have now forgon if any.
Dont panic. my car hasnt been serviced in three years. done it myself. its only a stamp that helps you sell the car further down the line
[quote name='Xulu' timestamp='1328094099' post='164237']
Dont panic. my car hasnt been serviced in three years. done it myself. its only a stamp that helps you sell the car further down the line
He is reffering to the Warranty being lost due to not following Fords annual 1 year or 12,500 schedule. As this is a faily new car. So basically he is worried that if the car developes a fault he may not be able to make a warranty claim.
I had this same argument with Kia, after they messed my service up on my car. As an 'industry' the warranty claims come in, and are checked against the service record, 9/10 if your car hasnt been serviced correctly (in relation to the part that requires the replacement) your warranty may be argued / voided (for example, the engine seizes because you havent replaced the Oil frequently, its collected filings and somehow clogged the engine) you try to make a claim within the warranty period, however because there is reason to believe the oil is at fault, due to the lack of servicing / changing they can and likely will argue that its not covered by warranty and so the fee lies with the owner. However, if you dont replace your oil filter as per the service schedule, and your gearbox falls out / explodes, and there is no way to link the oil filter to the error (no matter how hard they may try) then the warranty still remains in tact. Its all about how you can partition the blame against the servicing / maintenance against a part that couldnt possibly be affected by it. However 9/10 times, the manufacturers will only care about the oil and oil filter being replaced. The rest may not be considered in a warranty claim.

DrDes, I appreciate that this may sound worrying, but to be honest I dont believe it will be too problematic to you, I would still write to the dealers / Ford UK, because if its acknowledged the dealers advice is at fault, you could still get warranty claims honoured, as it was Ford who possibly caused the problem. However I dont believe you will suffer any catastrophic failures that will require you to be too concerned. I would say, write the letter, but dont expect anything back, chase it, and keep on at them as a hobby *in case* anything happens, but overall I think you should be fine :)

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